A Salad Company – What’s it all about

Errr.. Uffff Salads !!! Boringgggg

No No Not yet… We are here to redefine not just salads but basically health food..most of you would have thought Health food (salads are just a small part of it) = boring tasteless food.. Not exactly even though we were sailing in the same boat till sometime back..now if made in a right way without diminishing the nutrients sure it can taste way better than the artificial junk, preservative loaded food.

So what exactly is “A Salad Company”

Here we are to serve you nutritious meal that is free from the following

  • NO MSG
  • NO DEEP FRYING (Now stop crying)

Yup understood then how exactly the food is going to be prepared and what exactly will you be getting

You will be getting absolutely super delicious healthy meal that is made with real ingredients such as Butter (Yup you read it right), whole wheat flour, millets, fresh veggies and fruits, nuts, herbs, milk, poultry,grains and legumes and more…which are steamed or baked or boiled or poached or sautéed or just raw to maintain the nutrients as much as possible without compromising on the taste factor. Your meal will reach right to your hands (unless you ask someone else to collect it for you) every single day so you need not worry about eating out some junk every single day or about cooking everyday.

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