Non Vegetarian

Feb 19thGrilled fish, herb rice served with citric yogurtSpaghetti with tomato sauce and chicken

Feb 20thChicken patties with creamy tomato sauce and fried cabbage, brocolli, colour peppers, romaine lettuce, cucumber and peas
Fish taco cabbage salad served with salad greens, cherry tomato, capsicum, jalopeno and corn
Feb 21stCauliflower egg salad served with celery with red raddish, beet, chickpea, lettuce, cherry tomatoFajita salad served with Eggs, ragi tortilla and creamy cilantro yogurt
Feb 22ndMixed millet salad with chicken goulashGreek collard wraps with Chicken and Veggies
Feb 23rdBalsamic chicken avocado salad with carrot, bell peppers, cucumber, peanutsTropical chicken pineapple salad served with Red Kidney Beans, Lettuce, Spinach, Carrots, Sweetcorn Olives
Feb 24th1 day trial lunch and Special special Brunch 1 day trial dinner orders

We make our food fresh. We assure healthy breads with our wholesome meal without any added preservatives.